About us

Our StarGeezerStuff Store

We have over 200 items in various styles and colors, all with our own, unique messages and designs on them. Many of the items will have an astronomy, science, or inspirational theme - some whimsical, some crazy and funny, some more serious.

We will be adding new designs and new products, so please check in with us on a regular basis!

For each item you'll see a brief description of our unique design, along with specifications about the product. We've tried to keep our prices competitive (with FREE shipping!), while offering a high-quality product that we ourselves would not hesitate to wear.

Our Team

StarGeezerStuff was started in 2016 by John and Laura Verderame as a creative outlet and just for fun. John, of course, is the "stargeezer" of the pair. An avid amateur astronomer for decades, he has owned an array of telescopes and astronomy equipment, enjoys doing astrophotography, and rarely misses being outside on a clear night.

Laura also enjoys observing the heavens and assisting John with some of the technical details of astrophotography. John usually is the idea guy for StarGeezerStuff, then we both tweak the design, and finally Laura does the computer magic to get everything just right.

We both enjoy other hobbies, among which are Laura's passion for stamping and making homemade cards, some of which have been featured in stamping magazines, and traveling (over 30 countries combined).